Requirements for making a request for adding an Altcoin or token

I have drafted a new document for the requirements for adding new Altcoins or tokens.

This approach should avoid political discussions and reduce it to a pure formal process. Controversial decisions (like with BCH) will be delegated to DAO voting [1].

Please provide feedback what you think about it.

[1] How we apply Bisq DAO voting will become more clear once Chris has published the document about Bisq DAO phase 0 (soon).


The new requirements seem fair to me. Step 4 and 5 might be easier to follow if they’re reversed in the requirements doc, create the PR, then add stuff to it?

Additionally, would you like me to update PR 916 to make the ZenCash addition request compliant with step three? It shouldn’t take long if I read it correctly, just a new line here right?

Thanks for your feedback. No worry, I added ZenCash already (in my working branch). The rules apply to all new requests.


I do apologize if i am using the wrong way to post but i cant seem to find on how to post a reply on the forum.

Name: Knoxcoin
Ticker: KNX
Algorithm: Scrypt
Block number: 10538
Money supply: 3000000
Minimum commission:1
Block time: 61 seconds
Dev language: C/C++
Secp256k1 version: 60013
Block explorer:

Thank you.

Read the document please, it tell you that you need to make a pull request and it also tells you that you need to place some of the information about the coin in a pull request.


We would love to see XIOS being added to the Bitsquare platform.
Please let me know if you need any more information about Xios.

Ticker symbol (e.g. BTC): XIOS
Official coin name (e.g. Bitcoin): XIOS
Official altcoin webpage where Bitsquare will be added as official exchange: xioscoin dot com
URL of the block explorer:
Example address: 2RXNm1GZaaDgNqpw8Fu9XCRi7vTVorTXcq
Confirmation that you have checked that the ticker does not conflict with …: Confirmed
Social media accounts like Twitter account, subreddit, etc.:
Twitter: @XIOSCOIN
Reddit: /r/Xioscoin/
Twitter: @xioscoin

Thank you in advance,

Xios Dev

Read the previous comment please, you made the same mistake. Read the instructions in the document.

Dear sir,

We are ERC20 based token under the name FARAD (FRD) . We would like to list FRD in your exchange, we would like to know what are the procedure and requirements.

Please visit our website for more information on FRD. Enclosed are relevant documents for your perusal, but do let us know if more is needed.

Ticker symbol (e.g. BTC): FRD
Official coin name (e.g. Bitcoin): FARAD
Official altcoin webpage where Bitsquare will be added as official exchange:
URL of the block explorer:
Example address (e.g. 3MPe1LfMeJvumN7ykswSwkPSoXLbheXnCH): 0x0abefb7611cb3a01ea3fad85f33c3c934f8e2cf4
Link to Github Pull request for address validation code
Confirmation that you have checked that the ticker does not conflict : Confirmed
Social media accounts like Twitter account, subreddit, etc.:twitter@FARADCryptoken,
Facebook: facebook@faradcryptoken

To learn about the requirements, please read the document above carefully. It is not long and it is very clear and straight forward.

I see you tried to post a link to Github pull request, but you probably couldn’t because of your low trust level on this forum. You can post it again in another post.

Hi, im not sure simple users would like to go through a process to do a git pull etc. The simplest process for users to request adding of a new coin is to give those exact details and make a new thread on this forum for each new coin, and then the devs can accept it and add it.
Please dont make it compulsory for a git pull process. Otherwise people will just keep posting on here like they have been. Its EASIER for non-devs. Please consider people who are non-devs. The document on how to request a coin is not that straight forward.

Most of Bisq users don’t add altcoins. Adding of an altcoin is a feature intended for altcoin developers who should be able to make a simple pull request and read a short document if they are able to create a whole cryptocurrency that actually has some value. Dev resources are very limited for Bisq and there are many more important things for a developer to do then add coins everyday. The fact is that there are way to many altcoins and most of them add no significant value to Bisq. It makes sense for Bisq devs to spend minimal amount of time for new altcoins and spend their time adding many needed features to Bisq. I don’t think Bisq devs will spend time adding new altcoins any time soon if the altcoin is not very popular and requested, in which case there would likely be someone who would make a pull request anyway.


Understandable that there are a lot of shit coins out there… and 90% of them are shit.

I would have liked to request NEO (Antshares) coin. Since this is the next big hit and the majority of bisq users would be China, since its a Chinese startup.

@ManfredKarrer Ive seen that you are planning full Chinese translation of bisq, when that gets perfected, i suspect a lot of chinese trading will go down on bisq from November. If you want the Chinese to get super excited, i suggest you add NEO. Besides the Chinese, im a firm believer that the rest of the population will want to be trading NEO on bisq asap.
Unless its on there and i havent seen it?

Vertcoin is also another big one.

Hope you could add these two atleast.

Added INXT

I’m Alyona - representative of GMP project (
Sorry, but i couldn’t find any email to write you about listing our token to your exchange.
So,here are some details:
5.token address - 0x416dd1d4fb22f6ae73651d5c2c5475087df4ea26
8. ; ; ;

Thanks a lot!

You should read the requirements first for adding your coin. You don’t send it via email, you should read the document in this topic and it will explain you the entire process.

I have made a pull request to add our token. Anything else I should do?

As far as I know, no. If you followed the document correctly then and the requirements are fulfilled, then your token will probably be added in the next release.

• Ticker symbol (e.g. BTC):JBX
• Official coin name (e.g. Bitcoin): Jboxcoin
• Official altcoin webpage where Bitsquare will be added as official exchange: and
• URL of the block explorer:
• Example address (e.g. 3MPe1LfMeJvumN7ykswSwkPSoXLbheXnCH): 0x0Aaf561eFF5BD9c8F911616933F84166A17cfE0C
• Confirmation that you have checked that the ticker does not conflict with ISO_421736 : Confirmed
• Social media accounts like Twitter account, subreddit, etc.: email:
General description: A decentralized blockchain video streaming program design to provide customers with a huge sense of value for their leisure time via a well-augmented dual mining process (Proof of Upload and Proof of View). This program is designed to benefit token user for downloading and streaming videos of all varieties on the JBOX platforms. Here link to the whitepaper (
Hello Manfred et al,
Please let me know if you have any questions or require assistance integrating with Jboxcoin.
Best regards,

You need to follow the instructions in the document if you want to add a token. There are too many requests, so we need for submissions to be organized and require minimum work from our developers.

Hi. I have extremely important question, What should I do if I am not a developer, but I a believe in this coin, and I want to promote it on your platform?
I have red all requirement but I can give you Info, except pull request
This coin is already exist in other exchanges